Friday, February 25, 2011

Firing Order For 2003 Lincoln Ls V6 Diagram

You can be the ONE.

Post 26 what kind of person attracts you.
The girl of my dreams. God, how many times I've been philosophizing about. And how many times I've looked for it already. People I find attractive, must be something special. I feel Beauty be very beneficial. Here I define Beauty differently. Beauty is for me to find an inner and outer harmony. The exterior should match the type and fit. As I lay me down not. I like girls stick it. Playful. The interior has a say in Real. I love people who are educated and express their own opinion. People who want to develop themselves and bring a certain maturity for me are very nice . People who are just themselves, show tolerance and to the outside are good, it also from within. I think the Outer beauty is heavily influenced by me from the inside. I also like people to me are very similar. I hope she understands me. This does not seem to be screwed up. Is is not. I also no longer looking for. I just want to find it.

I just come back from the night. It just took me out to the stars. Thought I wanted. Who I am and what I really want. Sometimes I forget easily. But today I think I am come a step further and I shall do what I've seen a shooting star. I love you, my heart man!


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