Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Sister Musterbating

I was bei'm Hairdressers

Woow, finally i went to the hairdresser!
I prefer my money on cosmetics and "yay, things that nobody needs" throw out the window (and yes, after all, even for expensive hair care products), hair come out with me rather too short. That said, I am someone who relaxes NOT the hairdresser, as claimed by so many there, because I do not like to like, talking to be forced over trivial things, just to entertain , and because I have back pain from which- the hard-to-get-lying basin.
So I'd rather go to the hairdresser every six months maximum, drag me there under the "full-pull program (dyeing, care, cutting, blow drying, etc.) so that my hair is neat again spoiled, and get the rest of the year then pony-cut self-and hair-of-Stiefmuddi Stain-`rum.
stupidity then I find such comments as: "So much has the cost Waaaas ????", times but if you stop to think, I will certainly be even cheaper off than those that every few weeks a cheap-Barber race in which the quality does not end anyway.

This time I was way in the salon Klier and I think that I will remain faithful. A great atmosphere, really Zen terms, and a truly incredible and professional advice. And a shop with special hair care products they have, I use regularly to prevent the worst, for my colored hair xD

Oh, and blow they do there too sensational;)
Finally the shade of red that I wanted!


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