Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rabbit Hop Game Millsberry

enchanted me.

Post 27 a problem that you have had.
My problem was that I gave in my first deep relationship of the partner more attention than myself Somewhere there is missing the balance. And somehow it brought the whole to fall over then. Finally, there is less of a for each other than living together. And I had then neglected and less attention to my needs. Fortunately, you learn from experience and thankfully we understand better with time. I think now I know the exact balance.

Today I was in "Kokowääh" in the cinema. You do not believe how depressing it is to have to go alone to the movies. But this is terrible for the film was better. Well, the end was in sight but the road there was well done. I have also decided to participate again in a contest at it and certainly hope for happiness. I have it in for this little cam. But the rest is also very sweet. Well then let's see, right?


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